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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random Thought

Does anyone else think the Olsen Twins, you know Mary Kate and Ashley, look like owls? Their eyes are the size of headlights, with tiny face (and bodies). All thats missing is feathers. Wait, they wear those feather boa thingies. So weird.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lose the Dentist, he's an EVIL GENIUS anyway.

Okay, I just finished reading about a woman complaining how she tries to budget, but her kids dental bills always pile up. And it occurs to me - I read this very often. I have only gone to the dentist once in my life. And that is after I became lazy and stopped brushing twice a day. So what I need to ask is.....why do you people need to go so often?

Just brush once in the morning (before breakfast) and then once at night (before bed). And no I'm not a lone freak, nobody in my family needs dental visits or has cavities or gingivitis or whatever. No, I don't use Listerene everyday (though dad used to pour it on our cuts and scrapes). I think it just might be not brushing properly, not brushing long enough and enough times in one day.

I got two cavities due to laziness and depression. It hurt like hell and so I went to the dentist. She cleaned it up and told me I should have my 2 back teeth removed! Hell, no! I took matters into my own hands, I researched the net for those hippie herbal type cures. And the evil dentists who want to cash in your teeth (they partner up with the tooth fairy), don't want you to know that they work. I started brushing properly using a fluride toothpaste, Colgate Total works the best apparently. As a side note" monoflurophosphate" (from the back of the tube) is one of my favorite words to repeat over and over again, to send myself into a stupor. I even came up with my own top secret blend of herbs, spices, minerals, and rocks (okay maybe not rocks but, that would've made it REAL interesting) to reverse my cavitiesand completely losy my cold sensitivity. I'm thinking of marketing it. Well read below for things I've learned.

  • If you do have cavities:
  • Swish out your mouth with water after everything you eat. Starve those bacteria. Takes like 10 sec.
  • Chew Xylitol Gum(it is proven to reduce cavities. Gum? Yes! Woohoo!)
  • Drink plenty of milk, it is proven to help reduce cavities.
  • Massage your gums, use the side of your brush or finger. It helps, I know. Blood circulation and all, strength, need I say more?
  • Using Colgate Total as opposed to Sensodine is good. I know.
  • For immediete relief try Clove Oil, it numbs down the zapping pain better and longer than Oragel.
  • Cut pieces of raw garlic (click this just for fun) and hold them against your gums for and hour. Okay DON'T. I did and the suphur in garlic burns you a new one. On the bright side the cavity pain dulls due to the pain & discomfort of raw sulphurizing your gums.
  • Eating Cheese, yeah. "Contains fatty acids that possess antibacterial ingredients. The protein in cheese also coats and protects tooth enamel".
  • My top secret formula. Call me.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friendly People Need Privacy Too! - A Piece of Advice

So a friendly cashier loves to chat with all his customers (aww how nice, all we get in Jersey are mopey depressed cashiers with Freddy Krueger type faces) but wants a friendly way of saying, "NO", when customers ask to befriend him on Facebook or for his number. Abby (from the Dear Abby columns) thought he should tell his customers, "I keep my private and personal lives separate, but thanks for asking".....what the......"thanks for asking"??? Who says that to someone?? It is an obvious blowoff, and while I understand this guy wants to keep his private life separate, people will be "offended" at the rebuff. Instead.......

What I would say to him:

You should just tell them your manager considers that inappropriate behaviour, and you cannot give out your personal information. Telling people you cannot give out personal information will put up the perception you don't want to associate with them, you are just being pleasant at the register because you have to. And you don't want that. So just tell them, handing out personal information during work hours is against store policy. Most people in our society do not question things, they just go with it.

P.S Ha! It'll suck for you if some hot chick..........er..... I mean using this method, you shall be disappointed if an attractive young woman wants your number and you cannot give it out due to "store policy". :)

Sometimes It's Too Much - A Piece of Advice

A mother writes in to say, her friends and family will not leave her in peace. They are well intentioned as she had just lost her son, but all she wanted to do was relax and spent time with her other son.

I would say to this woman:
Take the letter you just wrote and tape it to the front door. This way your friends can read what you are feeling, know that you feel so strongly that you had to write to an advice columnist for help, and you don't make anyone feel "attacked" for trying to be there for you. If anyone asks, (or does not read or understand your letter), explain to them, "I am so glad you have been coming to keep me company, you have helped me SO much by being here. Now I think I should spent two weeks alone with my son, and just relax, by ourselves. When I am ready again for company I'll call all of you guys over and we'll hang out, but for now, I just need some alone time. Everyone needs to spend some time alone, to themselves, it is a spiritual kind of healing. Thank you SO much for understanding". And remember thank them "for understanding" before they have a chance to say anything, this will quite any dissenters you may have.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jerky Stepmom- What's New? - A Piece of Advice

Today I read about a woman writing in about the way her ex-husbands wife treats her. Apparently, like a dog bowl. This woman was friendly to the extreme it seems like. She took care of her ex-hubbys wives children, flew them to theme parks, invited them for sleepovers with her son, etc. The problem comes in when her (now grownup) son and his fiance invite her to a dinner the ex's wife is hosting and the woman (ex's wife) dis-invites her.

What I would say:
I don't know about you, but on what planet are your dinner guests allowed to bring in more guests of their own choosing? And how can you accept such an invitation, not given by the original host and hostess? So that is where you are wrong, but I must say after finding out about your "non-invited" invite this woman should have been gracious enough to hold out a hand to you; instead of embarrassing you, she should have set another plate. I say this only due to all the things you've mentioned you've done for her over the years. Your son who refuses to have anything to do with her, is sweet, a loyal son. But the dinner was hers and nor you nor your son had a right to impose yourselves on her no matter how ungrateful a creature she is. And that is the end, she behaved like an ogre, but if you and your son are angry about the dinner- it was her right to do as she please in her home.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sick Boy and The Girls Who Want Him - A Piece of Advice

So there's this boy who wants his girlfriend to take secret pics of girls and their nether regions in the locker room at school. And this girl is writing for help, "What should I do? I don't want to lose him! I'm an idiot who cannot think for herself!". Okay, so she didn't quite say the last sentence, but then again she did - with her mind.

In response to this dumb child many people wrote in some interesting points I never would have thought of. One, she can be charged with child pornography and I quote from a psychologist, "The young lady and whoever receives and distributes those photos could be convicted of a felony, serve prison time and live the rest of their lives as registered sex offenders." And all of this, because of a stupid immature act. The girl who writes in to the column obviously knows this is wrong or she would never have written, now would she? Unfortunately, her need to please her boyfriend, make sure he thinks highly of her (which if she thought about it, he most obviously does not) is at the top of her mind.

I would say: Are you serious young lady?? You would never have written this letter had you thought it would be anything but wrong. Are you aware that young people your age have killed themselves after having private information outed forcefully? Can you live with the fact that one of those girls might just have a heightened reaction to her naked photo on the Internet? And that is where it will go. Digital is digital. Your boyfriend will promise not to show anybody, he might keep his word even. But maybe his friend borrows his phone, discovers the pictures and forwards some to himself- it goes on from there. Did you know your pictures are sent to a cell tower first, and those pictures can be accessed by people with know how or legally. I think the biggest issue here is, YOU. Why would you think a boy who'd rather look at OTHER girls cares for you? Why do you think a boy who forces you to do something you tell him you don't want to, in any way cares about YOUR well being? Tell him, if he really cares for you, he will find something else to amuse himself, as this disturbs you. There are plenty of things nowadays, and this would show he cares.

You have the option of telling your school office - anonymously. Nobody needs to know it's you, and you can get cell phones banned in the locker rooms. Your boyfriend (should you choose to keep the thing), will not be able to pressure you into taking pictures anymore. Ta-Da! And remember dear, don't do things you wouldn't want done to you. BE STRONG, make a sacrifice and let your boyfriend go BUT do not hurt (potentially for life) other young girls no matter how carefree and "open" they may seem to you.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Donations are not always smart - A Piece of Advice

A woman wrote in all angry that some kids she knew who couldn't pay up for their school lunches might be cut off. She found this out while helping them pick up papers they dropped on the sidewalk. She was angry they didn't qualify for aid by a few dollars. She wants people to donate to other soldiers kids who can't afford to pay for school lunches.

While it was so nice of this woman to pay for school lunches, I would refuse any donation asking for these children. If they were near the lunch aid cutoff, then they certainly did not need to buy expensive school lunches!! Buying lunch is always more expensive than making your own at home. It is one of those big cost cutting tips adults are taught during the recession. If you cannot make ends meet, buy a loaf of bread, some peanut butter, cheese, jelly, cold cuts, etc. From the cost of one school lunch you will be able to feed your kids for DAYS. Make some mac and cheese and give it to them in a mini kids thermos. My parents couldn't afford school lunches, so every other Friday (pizza day) mom would give me a dollar ($1= once big slice, chocolate milk, orange, tater tots). That's right a DOLLAR was a lot of money. I took from a 3 or 4 variety selection of sandwiches -- for years. That money you think of donating can be better spent on clothes, school supplies, shoes, and food supplies that are not ready made meals. I would really encourage people who wish to donate money to check out the charities "in house" costs vs how much they give out, and to think whether you can help certain families out by just teaching them better money management. GIVE to those families and children who have no options with their money not those who make stupid decisions with theirs.

I find it hilarious that this woman 'noticed' that the kids were behind on their school lunch bill. If you are helping someone pick up fallen papers, you do not need to look them over, you simply hand the sheets of paper - immediately to the owner. Seeing that someone is behind on their lunch bill takes more than a glance.

Evil Pig woman attacks - A Piece of Advice

Today I read a post that made me really really angry. A grandmother wrote in to say her sons ex-girlfriend had a son that she became "grandmother" to. Her other grandchildren also considered and still consider this boy family. The problem comes in the shape of an evil pig woman who is the current girlfriend of her son. She tells "grandmother" here to break off all relations with the young boy as now her son will become the new grandchild!!!! She feels the young boy is a "threat" to her and her son!!!! How easily this woman speaks! And how does she not know how relationships work?!!!!

What I would say to her::
How can you break a small child's heart based on some stupid and I repeat stupid, immature woman? I have to tell you I could barely type out "woman" in the last sentence, I wanted to say "pig". Your adopted grandson has done no wrong, why even THINK about punishing him? This story shocked me (why??), and makes me want to come down there and shake this woman.

You tell this woman that she is not the boss of you. "You do not control me nor do you tell me how to live MY life. I will live my life, how I choose. I will love as many of gods beautiful children as I wish. If you do not wish for me to have a relationship with your son, I will respect that and not push the issue". And by all means don't. This woman is a bully plain and simple, showing her even an ounce of weakness will make her scrape your innards out all the more faster. You can explain to her there is no "threat" to her or her son. Hearts do not have limits on the number of people they can love. Tell her. And by all means let her refuse to enter your home, until SHE grows up and becomes a human being. In this day and age of marriages and relationships breaking and joining at breakneck speeds, new types of relationships are borne, such as yours and they are a beautiful thing. I applaud your beautiful outlook on relationships, keep strong in your views. YOU are right.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Hairy Hobbit Friend- A Piece of Advice

A woman wrote in to ask if she should talk to her sandal wearing, hairy toed, uni brow friend, passed up for a promotion and wondering why.

My Advice:: Hell yeah! You call this woman your friend so act like one! You do not need to go up to her and yell, "Hey Hobbit toes, listen up!!". You could take her on a girls day out, go to a lunch, and gently bring up the questions she asked you about (The Hairy Toed lady also wondered why men did not take her bait). Explain gently, "to most men, hair on women is a turn off, maybe you should wax your feet, fix up your brows, it's an easy upkeep. How about we go today, I'll take you?". Make a salon day out of it! Have fun, maybe she's never had a girls day out? Hopefully she will take your suggestions to heart. And it was unfortunate, but I do understand that employees need to put "socially acceptable" looking people out front to represent their companies. And nobody better have words against this.

How many of you slobber over Hollywood's "pretty" stars, how many of you have made fun of "unkempt", hairy, basically not "good looking" people in your lives? Even now, most people will respond a lot better to a handsome guy or pretty woman than someone who burps, farts and has...hairy eyebrows. It is something that is instinctual within us, but we do not have to be mean or rude because of it. Rather now that you know, you should be all the more passionate about being sure the "ugly, not socially accepted" people you look over, are included. I am undecided as to whether this following statement will remain here, but here it is, I too am not "socially accepted". I've had lots of life experience, long lasting memories and horrible pain, there it is. Just the way the world twirls.

Bully Mom or Insecure? -A Piece of Advice

Another column, another day. Today a woman wrote to ask whether her mom, is a bully or not. The mummy is always making disparaging comments about others, calling them stupid or dumb. The daughter claims this woman doesn't know as much about certain subjects herself, yet she openly exclaims as to the stupidity of others. Now the columnist agreed with the daughter, this woman is a bully. I do not.

What I would say:: No, your mother is not a bully, it doesn't even fit the description correctly. Your mother seems to suffer from lack of self-esteem. When she calls someone stupid, it immediately calms her, makes her feel better about herself. She might even live in fear of being called out herself, called dumb, stupid, or worse. In order to stop people from "getting" her first she "attacks" them and lowers them in the eyes of whoever is with her. This she thinks will sabotage any ideas of her stupidity forming in the minds of her friends/family.

I suppose my advice would be, talk to your mother, in private. Tell her that her behavior creates a bad image in front of her grandchildren (the story stated that her granddaughter wondered why Grandma was always so "mean"). Tell her also what her granddaughter said. Hopefully, Grandma will realize that if a ten year old thinks she is a "mean" lady, she might want to be perceived as something kinder If that doesn't work, the direct approach can be used to shock and stun. Tell your mother, "Ma, stop taking out your feelings of insecurity on people you barely know". You'll get a fight from her, duh. But every time she does it, condition her. Stop talking to her for five minutes (tell her what you're doing) . I know, I know, she is not a dog, but it may be one workable method of getting her to stop. You can choose to walk away from the conversations if her behavior does not better itself, but that might open up a can of anger on her part. Try some of these steps, see what you think.

Rude Dude Grandpapa - A Piece of Advice

This column I read about was a woman complaining about the rude behavior of her grandfather. Apparently, he served Grandma with legal papers pertaining to their divorce- during the woman's wedding reception. And he refused to apologize.

I truly think that this is not a black and white type case. Were these just some pieces of paper he handed over to Grandma because he was meeting her there? These papers were not sprung on the old woman as a surprise divorce, not does it seem there were any tears or yelling or disturbing behavior. He simply passed some papers on to his ex-wife. I've been to a lot of receptions, some are boring and you just sit there. The old guy was not disturbing any peace, the bride just wants to have something to feel self righteous about. So hey lady, enjoy your newly married bliss, count your blessings, and forgive old grandpa, you want to keep your last years of knowing him, in anger?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eggless donuts, eh eh eh eh

After many (MANY) days of pondering.... pondering...about doughnuts and which one exactly would make me the most happiest human on earth, I tried a recipe. And yeah they had to be eggless, as mum is anti-egg. She is so my weight gain preventer; I tempt her tiny body with fatty, sugar filled foods I experiment with and hope she bites. :)

So, first of all, these did not come up the texture of Dunkin doughnuts. And don't kill me for this but the one time I tried a krispy kreme, it was the opposite of "sheer heaven". These were more cake-like, and non spongy. I suppose the recipe creator could have been going for cake doughnuts?

1 c flour, 1/2 c sugar, 1 1/2 ts baking powder, 1/2 ts nutmeg, pinch nutmeg

mix those and in a seperate saucepan warm up 1.2 c milk, 1/2 ts vanilla, 1/2 ts vinegar, 1 energy egg, 4 tb butter

Mix until just combined and bake for 12 min at 350F.

Now mine must have baked for half an hour, plus not having a mini doughnut pan, I used souffle cups, 6 of them. Afterwards, for the topper, I added a mix of choco chips and heavy cream. No measurements- just jumped it. So, these thingies not being fried and having no eggs for those allergic to them, seem to be a nice breakfast or snack. They taste the best the day of, and lose moisture bit by bit the days afterwards. But don't worry you should gobble them up anyway.
P.S I shall post again when I make a yeasty doughnut I am hoping will have more crumb 'spring', than his one.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chicki Pot Pie Chiki Pot Pie!

What's warm and gooey and spicy and flaky all over? Why it's chiki pot pie! ("No, duh." you say having read the title already.). Well anyway yesterday night I wanted something warm and gooey to ward off the bitter chill that permeated my bones, and since I do not eat meat (and yet still crave it) I realized a "meaty" substitute could be this dish. What I planned and what I ende with were a bit different. I had planned to maybe put in some mock chicken or tofu flavored with chicken. I did neither and simply used chicken soup flavor.
I de-frozified some mixed veggies in the microwave (zappity zap), then sauted them with onions and potatoes. To this I simply added celery soup or mushroom (whatever your little heart desires) added flaked peppers (yes there is more than one kind), salt, any other seasoning and herbs and spices you like. It's fine, what you add in, this ain't no gourmet kitchen. As long as you like the flavor, I'm just giving you the basic idea. I then added cold water to my betty crocker pie dough mix, rolled and layed out (cake pan, casserole dish, muffin tin!), filled, and baked at 350F. Yummy Yummy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Majickal show of Merlin

I've always loved knights, honor, battles, chivalry, pretty princesses, dragons, and we most certainly cannot forget, majick. (It IS spelled correctly btw). There is something so achingly beautiful about knights filled with chivalry, riding on gleaming horses, bravely facing their battle. I suppose it has to do with humanoids of now, most, not all I suppose, being selfish, mean, arrogant, prissy, in general the bringers of bad vibes. I really do long for the days of elegant princesses and valiant knights, the regality of it all. And I would be half and half, a knight and princess all in one. Not at the same time, just like in shifts or something.

Anywhoo, Merlin is a BBC show (meaning the American producers cannot ruin it with their predisposed 'rules' of how shows should be). And basically needs no explanation (ok then so why write about it). It portrays a younger Merlin, growing up, still learning his powers, or ahem his craft. His interaction with the young King Arthur are priceless good laughs. He also interacts with Morgana (who in this world is a ward of King Uthor), and Guenevere, a servant. Yeah, so the characters are a bit tossed. I might as well tell you Arthur is the Kings son, not some poor kid who pulls a sword from a rock. So, hmmm, explaining WAS necessary! The show is usually lighthearted, though, as shows pass time, most want to be taken more seriously and the end result of that is portrayed on the show as drama. But it is a good watch for fantasy lovers.

Whole Wheat Ravioli with Pesto Cream

So I have been feeling guilty about eating too much white pasta. We all know (or do we?::eyes person in front of her in a sizing up sort of way) that white pasta is just a bunch of crap. The carbs just turn to sugar, you don't get your fiber and other vital nutrients that wheat can give you just are not there.

Whole wheat just seems to have more taste to it?! The question mark is there because I wonder why most breads on the shelves are white, most breads, most pastas. After you have been feasting on wheat thingies, white just tastes plain BLAND.
Yesterday, I made whole wheat ravioli, mmmm mmmmm mmmm mmmm. Okay at first I was scared for wasting 2 hours of my life making these 'horrible wheat ravioli'. Explain:: Though I like whole wheat stuffs, homemade wheat pasta just didn't turn out for me. Until now!

2 cups of flour
2 eggs
1/4 ts salt
and as many TB of h20 as you need to form a stiff dough
Knead for a while and let rest (a 30min to an hour or more)
Then just roll (or use had cranker) until thin enough for your personal taste buds, and fill your filling.
My filling was ricotta, cheddar (a sprinkle), pepper Jack (a sprinkle), and mozzarella (sprinkle), some fresh oregano, salt, olives, black pepper and red powdered pepper

NOW THE SAUCE!!!! What made the pasta!
I made a roux (of butter and flour). Unfortunately, in my hurry (as usual), I undercooked the flour (and yes you can taste it), so I was forced to cook the sauce itself for a bit.
I added a cube of frozen pesto, added some leftover heavy cream and some milk until the consistency was good enough for me, personally. Make sure you mix constantly. Or use a hand blender, what's it called immersion nowadays? Added more pesto, salt, black pepper, basil, and whatever you want.

I froze the leftover ravioli, hope that is how you do it, raw, cause that's how I did.

Last month I had made a mushroom ravioli with mushroom sauce, aaaaaaaaa (that like when you see angels on tv and the background music goes aaaaaaa).

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chicken Paprikash---without the Chickies

So I finally drove directly into a Chinese supermarket. I was quite upset when my last one pooped out and the next closest one was, alas, not close at all. Longness made short, lo and behold, one right next to a Walmart.
Inside this beautiful place were like 5 types of bok choy, a row (a whole freaking ROW) of dried mushrooms, and more types of soy sauce than I've ever seen before. Well again longness made short, I bought me a bit of vegetarian chicken. Ever since my vegetarianism, some 20 years ago, I've craved chicken like no tommorow (amongst other things).

Chicken Paprikash, I looked up a few recipes and this is what I did.

Some oil and butter, with some garlic and tomatoes until the tomatoes were saucelike.

Added onions, cooked until soft. sprinked some flour and then veggie broth to form sauce.

Added bell peppers, faux chickies (preshredded-all I could find, no juicy legs to bite into....).

Salt, paprika, black pepper, 'chicken' soup flavor salt, basil fresh and dried.

You're supposed to add sour cream too, but I tasted it and it was okay, maybe when I use big meaty chunks of frozen tofu with this recipe, I'll try sour cream. Mock chicken is a bit softer than real.

Well made a pack of wild rice to go with it and hopefully it will all be good! Oh and "garnish" with green scallions. "Garnish"=liberal dose.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Travel in India

If you have ever wanted to experience something that's completely different from your average, "norm" kind of vacation, India would have to be it. Just stepping out of the airport, never having seen the everyday bustle, is enough of a culture shock. Now of course this depends on where you go, this country is big. Some regions are extremly modernized. While others (the fun ones) are getting there, such as Vadodara in Gujarat.
You cannot compare a European travel itinerary in even basics to one in India. For one you cannot rent a car and drive. If you even so much as think so, take a trip (it takes one) in a rikshaw. Don't try the buses (they are diminishing anyway) and do not take a car taxi, you need the tiny little bug-like rikshaws with the open air feel to get the full effect of Vadodara. The rikshaw drivers, fearless-born, will tilt and turn thru cars, bikes, cows, donkeys, motorcycles, pedestrians, trucks, buses and of course other rikshaws (with seemingly even more crazy drivers than the one you're with). At every turn you will be sure you will be crushed or crush some poor street peddler. Oh what fun!
Unfortunately, (but just for me and anyone else interested in architecture), all the beautiful old building are being torn out and redone. If you get lucky you can still see an odd old building stuck in the middle of the boring new boxes. Old carved wooden doors and balconies, rafters, windows, still stuck in time in the middle of tiny little gullies filled with homes and little shops. You have to be carfeul when ogling high up (where most of the older stories seem to be preserved), for myriads of motorcycles and rikshaws will not stop for pedestrians, and they will try to run you over (no, really). Nor are there street lights, and nor do they follow the painted lines of traffic lanes, and nor do they even follow the direction of traffic. Yeah, in case the last one slipped by you, that was one car going the opposite way in a one direction side of extremely busy road.
I don't know if I made India sound nice or not, but my writing is a bit lacking. So there you go.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Notebook : mini rant

I HATE the Notebook. I hated sitting thru the screaming shrilly voiced girls screamy shrilly shrieks every .5 seconds. And I hated the little "young hercules" man (yeah, check it out, he did some Saturday morning show where HE the tiny little string puppet was actually playing Herc. Hahahah!). I also thought the whole story was dumb, and well really, if you're constantly cringing (from my dazy memory of that waste of a day) during a movie, a WHOLE movie, need you really watch it??

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Too Many Husbands

Don't most women wish!! This movie, warn you upfront is in the two beautiful colors of black and white. This movie is based on a book, and when you find out about the movie plot and actual book you wonder why, they even pretended the movie came from the same source.

The movie, is about a woman who loses her husband in a boating accident during their honeymoon. She then remarries her husbands business partner and finds 6 months in, that her first guy is back and kicking. She then lavishes in the attention that both men most obviously give her to make her choose him. The trouble is she seems to like both equally. It is a comedy, and it is not the best black and white film comedy but it is okay as a quick watch.

I need to ask, if Hollywood wants to "use" books and plays' stories for their movies, why then do they change them so dramatically and still have the gall, the audacity to name the movie after the book? It is so different! The absolute worst on which makes my blood boil even now is one based on my favorite book, Cheaper by the dozen. The movie (if you can call it one), was NOTHING (and I do not say this because of my anger) like the movie. Not word or mention of events that happened in the book. The two similarities? One was the book and movie both had families of twelve, and the other, the freakin title!!!!

Now back to Too Many Husbands, in the play, the main woman is selfish and vain. The surprise? NEITHER husband wants her! Both try to pawn her off on the other, both try being the 'noble' one and step aside. Now that would have made a terrifically DIFFERENT movie! Does Hollywood not get that movies with the guys vying for the girl are a dime a dozen and that a movie about guys trying to pawn off the lead female (no less) is something crazy funny and fresh? I would not hope that current Hollywood would remake this film, the book would rollover in its grave. You can just imagine what they'd throw in, talking monkeys and a pack of cheerleaders (no less!).

Sunday, January 31, 2010

When in Rome

This Friday, needing to watch a light fluffy romantic comedy, I ventured into "When in Rome". I had been curious about it, having Veronica Mars' Kirsten Bell. Of course, having someone as short as Kirstin Bell paired with Josh Duhammel also whetted my curiosity as to how these two would come of screen. I wondered idly, how many inches were on her boots. Well I give the movie a C+, and this taking into account that I did not expect a moving epic motion picture to begin with.

Bells character is a typical "been hurt before in love, now throwing herself in work" type thing. She takes 4 coins from the fountain of love, thereby making the four men who threw the coins in there, fall magically in love with her. One of them being Danny Devito, a sausage moghul, and horribly underused or over abused, take your pick. The rest are Will Arnett from Arrested Development, a fake artist, John Hedder from Napolean Dynamite as the magician and (the funniest character) and finally Dax Shepard, the male model and real life fiance of Kirsten Bell. Once again she is dwarfed by her life love, real or fake.

Kirsten Bells acting was very off. Her Veronica Mars stuff was great, her Heroes stuff okay. But, her hand in movie acting has to end! It was overacted and lacked any screen presence. Her Veronica Mars costar Amanda Seigfried (Mama mia), on the other hand is the one to watch. Josh Duhamel seems to be okay in the movie, and can act. I had not been sure this would be the case. you can actually, buy him as the guy who is head over heels in love.

If you are craving a romance/comedy, either rewatch something good, or find something else, geez, they could have done so much better.